We provide comprehensive services and solutions. From contracting / IPC / BOOM / BOOT / Financing solutions to Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics, Construction, Commissioning and O & M services.



Venexportusa has the capacity to develop process, civil, instrumentation, mechanical, electrical and control engineering, mechanical, electrical and control engineering. To complement the engineering of the facilities, we partner with experienced engineering firms in strategic experienced engineering firms in strategic locations. These experienced partners provide complete engineering services for the power generation, oil and gas power generation, oil and gas industries.



Full service industrial fabrication shop in Houston, Texas. The shop has the capability to fabricate heavy gauge carbon steel and alloy pipe, structural steel for Oil & Gas facilities and equipment, including process Oil & Gas equipment, including process ladders and platforms, turnkey modularized process units and modularized modularized turnkey process units and modularized equipment as well as pressure vessels and ASME equipment. ASME equipment, as well as an exclusive area for stainless steel welding.



At Venexport USA we make sure that our customers' goods are delivered as promised. We manage all aspects of logistics and transportation with real-time tools to keep our customers informed and updated to keep our customers informed and updated on their equipment and project component deliveries. of project components. The logistics team utilizes a network of well-known and reliable air, ocean, and ocean freight providers.and reliable air, ocean and ground transportation providers worldwide.



We understand the critical interfaces and how to execute them within the estimated time giving answers in Civil, Structural, Instrumentation, Process Piping, Mechanical, Electrical and Equipment Installation.


Contracting & Financing

Our services also include contracting and financing contracting and financing options, some of which which will be construction plus your own operation and maintenance (BOOM) own operation and maintenance (BOOM), construction plus your own operation, maintenance and transfer of the project (BOOT) project (BOOT) and the financing for the execution and execution and generation of dividends in IPC projects.


Project Management

Our experience in the management of budget, schedule, safety and quality of safety and quality of projects is constantly applied to solidify our solidify our reputation and ensure and ensure successful results for our clients. our clients. We have worked hard to to eliminate risk and provide opportunities opportunities through our project management and administration option project management and administration option

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